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the big Ladakh Kashimr tour

B├Âmmel had a brilliant idea in summer 2009. He told me lets got to India for a motorbike tour. I could not understand his answer regarding my question "why India". He babbled something like 5000. That reminds me to Arnold Messners comment about the oxygen in that altitude.But B├Âmmel says, if the Enfield can still run with that amount of oxygen, that will be enough for us as well. we found in wheel of india the right organizer after our Internet investigation. afterwards we figure out that we hit the bullseye with wheel of india .

We arrived Delhi on 10.07.2010.Abdul our tour guide came to drive us to the hotel. The rest of the group member 9m and 2w came on the following day.All of us where in a good mood. We understand us blind after we nose each other. That was necessary to enjoy the next 3 weeks.
So enjoy the picture and the commends.

Chandigarh -> Shimla
Shimla -> Rampur
Rampur -> Chindi
Chindi -> Naggar
Naggar -> Keylong
Keylong -> Sarchu
Sarchu -> Leh
Leh -> Alci
Alci -> Kargil
Kargil -> Srinagar
Thanks to B├Âmmel and Phill for the nice picture and Cello for the brilliant video clips.

you can see the profile and the track below.All the height are measured with the Garmin 256C . The 5340m on the Kardung la shall be different to the stated height of 5602m. The altitude of the previous pass called Tanglang la is equal with my measurement.

See more in Google.


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