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Sabang is 60km away from Puerto Princesa in the north.

This place is one of the frequented in Puerto Princesa. Here is the landing stage to get a boot to the unique Undergroundriver. Worth seeing in Sabang is the Daylighthole and the Lion cave.

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The Jeepney Station. This was the Jeepney to Sabang. Unnecessary to ask the driver about the arrival time in Sabang because the Jeepney was not jet full. That means wait until we got enough passenger. If ever we start and left Puerto.

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More passengers coming by tricycle from the city.

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Businessclass .......

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Finally the Jeepney was full off passengers and we left the city. Unfortunately the driver forgot the eisblocks in town so we drove back again.

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After 5 hours arrival in Sabang. I saw the wonderful beach and resort. immediately I forgot my body pain.

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Taraw Restaurant

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The cottages looks good . Some of them where equipped with aircon. The problem was only the electricity which came from the generator. The system shut off during the night and of course the maintanance was sleeping.

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The beach.
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The beach.

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The beach

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The beach.
Qualifying for the next Karabourace!


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