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to avoid island tantrum we took the Hondas XR200 for a ride. On the way from Puerto Galera to Calapan is a small waterfull called "Tammaraw waterfulls". The road consists of concrete or gravel. If it is not continuous raining, than the road is well passable. Racing is not advisable because you have so many surprises after each curve. Dogs,karabaus ,cocks and pigs love it to hang around in curves. We arrived at the waterfull after one hour ride. On that place locals dam up the water in 2 Pools. So what shall i say, we rip down our clobbers and jumped in the fresh sweet water. After refreshing and sunbathing we drove further to Calapan. Beside the road you can find several restaurants who serve delicious food. They do not have menus because the food is inside pots which stand on the bar. So the only thing you have to do is look inside the pot smell it and order it. Even if you will not award the kitchen one Start the food is quit good. The waypoints where i shot the photos will be found in Google maps. Just klick on the menu item location and you end up automatically in Google maps. The waypointlables are identicall as of photo number. Klick on maps to see the roadmap and some waypoints..

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The road is quit good. here is a native road without concrete but the most part is already fitted whit it.

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The Honda XR200 is a simpel m-bike. the power is comfortable. more power would bring you in trouble.

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short brake at the see.

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The most part of the track to Calapan goes through wonderful tropical.

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/road_puerto_6.jpg


or along the coast.

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Stop and enjoy the view.

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/Wasserfall_2.jpg


Tammaraw waterfull

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/Wasserfall_1.jpg


clobbers tear down and jump

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/Wasserfall_3.jpg


discussing about bikes with side-car!!!

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/lunch.jpg


Lunch time

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/Werkstatt.jpg


Even the best tube give up ones.

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/Werkstatt_1.jpg


Hope he can remove the wheel????

Foto von ../pic/Philippinen/Motorradtour_Tammaraw/Werkstatt_2.jpg


Of course they are all specialists


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