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Buell seat thermal protection sheet

The eggboilertime is over. as enjoyable it is during wintertime or up in the mountains to get heating-up your backside as harder it is to take a long ride during a hot summer . the bottom side of your seat will be heats by hot air comes from the cooling fan who sucks it from the rear cylinder. It doesn�t take long and you will feel the temperature at your sensitive thermometer.
Here is the remedy. a sandwich fibrematte (aluminium-fibre-aluminium) will be cut out so it fitted the Intake Cover and the ECM.The hot air will be derivative at the right left and botton side of the frame.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Hitzeschutz/Matte_einbau.jpg


inserted fibrematte.
The hot air will be deflect at the right left and botton side.
On top you can see the cutout for the seat front tap.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Hitzeschutz/Matte_einbau_seite.jpg


the fibrematte has a cut out for the ECM. It protects the ECM for the heat as well.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Hitzeschutz/Grundmatte.jpg


the fibrematte is stuck together with aluminium foil on both sides. actually the matte mustn`t cut out, you can place it over of the frame. however the ECM will still get the head .

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Hitzeschutz/Matte_zuschnitt.jpg


the cut out fibrematte. the cutout on the right side is for the ECM. unfortunately this matte has no cutout on the leftside for the seat front tap

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Ulysses Air Flow Cover Kit �M2138.1AK�

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