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jack up your Buell

with this construction and a smal lifting platform, it´┐Żs easy to jack up the bike. the lifting platform can jack up your bike approx 55cm. nice to work in the uper position. this allow you to work in a proper postion and to remove both wheels as well. don´┐Żt be afraid your exhaust will not quatch. two arrows engraved on the exhaust show you the point for your construction. inside your exhaust is metal placed on that area.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/Buell_Bock_r.jpg


this lifting platform can lift max 650kg onto 55cm,

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/Buell_Bock_l.jpg


Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/Buell_Bock_unten_links.jpg


on the lifting platform you will see some eyelets to bound straps. Me in my case i`m not using those because the ruber on the construction will hold the bike in a proper postion. however it will stay long in your garage or some nosy individuals are around so better bound it tight.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/Buell_Bock_unten.jpg


Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/Bock.jpg


the contruction.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/Wagenheber.jpg


place the construction cross onto your lifting platform.

Foto von ../pic/BuellBox/Buell_aufbocken/auspuff.jpg


exhaust system.
the two crossbars hold up the fumes pipes and produce the stabiliser.
the drawing is based from Buell.


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